Longman Soda Ash Dense



Longman Soda Ash Dense is a quality product that combines a

consistently high sodium carbonate content with very low impurities.


It provides clarity, viscosity and chemical control, qualities required in

the high-speed processes to manufacture food & beverage containers as

well as in the manufacture of float glass.


The viscosity of Longman Soda Ash helps control thickness variations in

the manufacture of float glass, which is used on construction, automobile production, and other glass applications.




Advantages of Longman Soda Ash Dense


- Assured Assay 99.2%

- Particle Size Uniformity

- Fewer Issues with Soda Ash Fines

- Lower Chloride and Iron Levels



Soda Ash Dense 99.2% min. 












Soda Ash Dense 99.2% min
















Flat Glass (automotive and construction), Glass Container (food and drink) etc.