Longman MSG


   Longman MSG is among the eminent names in the industry. 

The product is exceptional in terms of purity and is manufactured using the most advanced technology.


Longman MSG balances and rounds out flavor in food, by activating certain flavor savory receptors on your tongue. 

Advantages of Longman MSG

- ISO 9001/ ISO 14001 certified and complies with HACCP standards

- Desirable form consisting of triangular colorless shaped granules

- Tasty

- Individualised Mesh Sizes  (8-12 mesh to 120 mesh)

- Choice of Packing (454g sachets, 25 kg woven bags, 1 MT jumbo bags)















         454 g Sachets                                    25 kg Bags          













                 8-12 mesh                    20 mesh                      20-30 mesh












                  30-40 mesh                   40 mesh                       60 mesh




 25 kg Woven bags


We can arrange OEM as per customer's request.