Longman Caustic Soda

Longman caustic soda is recognised for its high transparency and excellent

free-flowing properties which facilitate rapid dissolving.


It is highly resistant to abrasion and has a low tendency to stick and agglomerate. 


Our caustic soda is available in Solid, Flakes and Prills (Pearls)




Advantages of Longman Caustic Soda Pearls (Prills)



- Assured Assay of Max 99%

- Excellent Free-Flowing Properties

- Low tendency to stick and agglomerate

- Highly resistant to abrasion

- Minimal dust formation

- Rapidly dissolving in water, methanol, and ethanol

- Packed in airtight bags to avoid loss of purity on contact with Co2































cleaning, detergent production, water treatment, oil drilling, fuel processing, pulp & paper manufacturing food preparation and manufacture of other chemicals.



25kg plastic bags